It's time?

…to massive buy? :))))


Yes. Soon is late. I think february 2019 is too late. I made big investments after ada price drop range 0.07$-0.035$.
Train engines are started…Nothing cannot stop C train when it’s put throttle “full power” position.




Anyone else has looked into how many people actually use deep learned prediction models?
Some that I checked into in summer times already made like an average over 10% profit over 6months.
Sadly I was not smart enough to bookmark these platforms, programs or resources, but I did write down the conclusion are they worth it.
Maybe now its more mainstream and predictions still earn money? If so, what you think? perhaps large use of bots is the reason why coin drops down so drastically and a few days later rises up again.

Bear market isn’t over imo. I think anyone jumping on this bandwagon rn for ‘fear of missing out’ will be losing their money.

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Be smart my friends. This is a slightly improved scene. Use balance and patience moving forward.

Focus on the project, not the price. That’s my opinion. Not investing advice.

That said, It is nice to see it going North :+1:


Yeah just a bit fun :slight_smile:

Agreed ! I dont think the marker is done bottoming out yet ! Wasnt enough volume for that to be a true capitulation.
Can definitely see this being a major bull trap if btc can run past the next band of resistance. Everyone will fomo in and get crushed. Im trying to just trade these swings and wait for a more major dump!


I did some kissanime bad trading and bad decisions and now i am totally letgo wasted and in a huge loss. I dont think i can buy more now.

This is absolutely relatable.

I don’t think there is going to be any significant and sustained jump in price for a while, the trend is still down, am expecting a better opportunity to accumulate hopefully in the near future, some time before the 1st quarter of 2019 is up

beyond that i think there will still be opportunities during 2019 as cardano mirrors bitcoin and the rest of the cryptos

hopeful of an opportunity to accumulate below 0.03 in the coming months but really dreaming below 0.02 :grin:


Really hard to say. My crystal ball is not working right now, but If things continue south economically, which I anticipate in the near to medium term, then it’s possible to trade below a penny.

I think that speaks to the general situation and not Cardano/Ada specifically. Weak hands will be tested. I think it’s reasonable to to consider that, after the dust settles, a hand full of the best crypto’s will transform to ‘legit’ in the eyes of all and stop being “fringe” assets.

This is where the assemetric bet finally pays off, or the proper valuation is realized.

This is where better, stronger, faster (eventually) AND more ethical and more provident pays off.