Job: Reactivate old Stake pool and withdraw funds

Hi !! Once upon a time…

I had a stakepool called SIMON, you can still find it on all pool tools.
I am no expert whatsoever and was hardly able to set the pool up back then.

After a few months I lost interest and didnt do anything with it and closed my vps subscribtion.

Now as you can see there are still around 1250 ADA on it (733 in rewards) rest in pledge.

I now want it back and I still have all keys and stuff. But I’m too lazy to learn it all again and I’m not sure how to do it correctly.

So if there is one honest expert out there who would reactivae it, retire it and send the ADA to my wallet I would him 250ADA (he could just withdraw them directly to his wallet)

(I need some form of proof that you are honest and no thief)


Ok, I can help you, I sent an email

The address has 497 ADA + 732 available rewards + 500 ADA which u should receive back after u will retire the pool (registration cost) = 1729 ADA

I can share my screen (teams) while I am doing the operations

PS: <"mailto:moneroma">: 550 5.1.1 Recipient address rejected: Address does not exist


Alex is an expert and a reliable person. You are in the best possible hands.


Hey Alex I’m so sorry I waited for an Email and didnt look back here to the forum. Are you still interested? I dont know why the mail didnt work. Please look up your DM

Thanks, and sorry for the late answer…h

If u will want yeah, I can help u