Joined stake pool below the Fixed Cost of 340?

I am a Noob, just transferred ADA from Coinbase to Yoroi and a just staked my Ada below the 340 Fixed Cost. I am in the process of learning and was wondering does this mean I will not be eligible for interest?..Basically I am asking what the Fixed Cost means ??

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Hi @RMadams, welcome!

You can stake any amount. There is no minimum. You will get about 5% annually. The 340 ada fixed fees is the fees the operator deducts from each block reward. It is not the minimum amount you must stake. So you are fine. It will take about 15-20 days before you will receive your first rewards.


If you only looking for rewards, choose your pool carefully, if the pool don’t make block, you will not get reward. Consider staking on a medium pool, at least 3M-5M active stake to get rewards every epoch.

You can also stake on small pool with 800K-1M active stake, you will not get reward every epoch, but at the end of the year, interest will be aproximaticly the same as a medium pool.


Take a look.

Happy staking!

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