JOKER gang cardano pool

The Joker is here! Dare to join him?

Producing some valuable blocks, a very precious bare metal 8 cores / 32 GB ECC ram / 512GB lighting fast NVMe.

In the vault somewhere on the cloud our backup! We will never be without our valuable blocks!

Relaying secret info to producer a very precious bare metal 6 cores / 16 GB ram / 512GB lighting fast NVMe.

Relaying not so secret info to producer two floating in the cloud 4 cores / 16 GB ram / 250GB super fast SSD .

The Joker knows his stuff! None can infiltrate the hideout!

No fee! Fixed fee is split to the gang! Joker needs no money!

If Joker pledges 50k, oh my my that’s a lot of money there, or the gang grows too much (saturation 5%) only then Joker will collect the fixed fee and the gang will decide what to give to the poor (homeless/children/people in need) !

Joker has some nice surprises for the gang :wink: A lot of loot and many things to play :wink:

Be quick! Stake with JOKER! Join the Jokerz gang!