Just Started , But 1st transfer gone a stray


Downloaded the latest Daedalus wallet and got it synced, Tried to transfer from Cryptopia small amount of ADA, but nothing showing on



  1. How long does a normal transaction take since cryptopia exchange states it has completed.

  2. Do the exchanges have to update there wallets due to the ’ Must update’ warning for Daedalus

Any info welcome

UPDATE 1st: Just got a fast reply from cryptopia exchange support and have been told it needs to be a manual reprocessing, since the transaction was not broadcast.

UPDATE 2nd: Cryptopia has the ADA wallet in Maintenance.

UPDATE 3rd: 13 days and Cryptopia is still in Maintenance, but I did receive a msg to tell me they had not forgot about me :slight_smile:

Additional note: HitBTC is also in Maintenance Mode.

Hi, I know on Binance which I use, the wallet has not been letting me transfer out due to maintenance or some such.

Keep us posted!

It shouldn’t take days to complete. Did you open a ticket already to have someone look into your transaction?

Just a word of advice, if you are living in the NL you can make use of www.litebit.eu
Very easy to use platform. Purchases can be done via bank or via iDeal.

You just need to confirm your account by transfer of 1ct and then your purchased ADA is sent directly to the Ada wallet you specified

ADA was down for a few days due to maintaining but after I called yesterday it was back up for BAU

I have opened a ticket with cryptopia, they only put their wallet into maintenance after I reported the fault since I had checked their coin lists to ensure there wallet was working.
They have acknowledged that the transaction to send the ADA had not been broadcast to the network. I can only conclude that this was related to the Daedalus 0.11.1# update some how?


I would have thought that all exchanges would have been notified so that they could take the necessary action.

I’m.nit sure how that works technically but please ensure that your total ADA is correct.

If you have withdrawn your ADA and can provide proof that it never was credited to your wallet then you should have a case and they should look further into the matter.

However, if your total ADA is unchanged /correct, then wait a bit longer for the problem to get solved.

Let me know if that works for you

So still waiting for Cryptopia exchange to deliver some ADA, so being inpatient and wanting to get some ADA to test my wallet I decided to try


So I’ve uploaded and sold some BLK, had to wait 24 hrs before I could buy and now I’ve got my first ADA stashed safely in my second wallet.

Thanks dennyb2010 for the info regarding the exchange

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