Just Want to Say Thank You :)

Hi there! I wanted to thank the entire Community Technical Forum for their help, after reading many posts and watching many videos (and taking notes of course) I minted my first NFT’s on the mainnet just a a few moments ago.

To be able to do this on the CLI means the world to me, and a simple thanks would not do.

I am from Bolivia, a country that is still being hit really hard by the pandemic and sadly will not recuperate at the same pace as the rest of world. During this last year our family business almost disappeared but I can say with great pride that we still managed to put a plate of food on the table. With everything being so grim, I started to look into what I could do to help my family and I found crypto and the Cardano Community.

To be in Crypto here is very tough, our government has outlawed all cryptocurrencies to the point of banishing crypto enthusiasts from the banking system and since the beginning of the year has blocked banks from allowing customers to buy any crypto using debit or credit cards. I was able to buy some ADA at the beginning of the year from a P2P marketplace and decided to stake it and learn as much as possible from the community.

The support and kindness of all the people I have learned from is helping me to move forward with hope. I believe in the mission of Cardano not because I want to be rich but more because it has given me an option when I had none.

Keep on the great work, you are making a difference and if somebody wants to ask me any questions on minting NFT’s using Daedalus as a node in Windows I will do my best to answer them.

Keep on the great work community, un fuerte abrazo a todos!