Kadah on board

Hoi everyone :slight_smile:

already had to post my latest thought experiment, but still wanted to proper introduce myself. I am 27, crypto-enthusiast and system engineer/constultant for a few years now. Currently living in Switzerland, although I will soon return to my hometown. Despite that I am a typical nerd who is interested in the latest techs, gaming, asian culture and languages (although ive been quite lazy lately), but also enjoys the analog life.
As Cardano is my most beloved crypto project, I finally had to register and hope for a good exchange!

Kind regards,

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Hey and welcome to the board @kadah

Im from Switzerland aswell :smiley: May i ask where do you currently live and what’s your hometown? :smiley:

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Hoi Zyroxa,

thank you! :slight_smile: Ofcourse, I am currently working and living in Zürich, but will soon get back to Aachen, because of a new work contract. While working in Zurich, I started my studies in Luzern and originally wanted to continue university fulltime back in germany, but the new job offering was just to tempting…
Although I start to miss Switzerland, when I just think about it :smiley: I will definitly return in the future!

How about you?

Kind regards,

Im living in Bern and working in Thun as an IT-Consultant aswell :stuck_out_tongue: