Last Epoch 307 some questions

Just to confirm, as long as the current leaderlog shows
no": 21675,strong text
“slot”: 47692782,
“slotInEpoch”: 431982,
“at”: "2021-12-11T13:44:33-08:00"strong text
“NO” I should not be the leader during that slot… “OK” is leader for that slot?

What about this last entry, I received this… 21675 🎰, 100.35% 🍀max, 21600` :brick:ideal
Is that showing slot lottery chance?

During that time from between 21600-21675 my "Missed Slot Leader Checks jumped from 164-467 at the end of the Epoch… 30 mins.

In the logs I see:
ChainDB:Notice:339] [2021-12-11 17:59:23.57 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: 462d09279f853713fa1a92d896a4063d41971c08c7230986d5b88cd2a3a5445e at slot 47679272

Block fits onto some fork: 0df1bb2db06168fbea3cba206d3a5bcc07c51db0cfa8d90e9e67de203154b3ff at slot 47691114
ChainDB:Notice:339] [2021-12-11 21:16:45.81 UTC] Switched to a fork, new tip: 0df1bb2db06168fbea3cba206d3a5bcc07c51db0cfa8d90e9e67de203154b3ff at slot 47691114

ApplicationExceptionTrace ExceededTimeLimit (ChainSync (Header (HardForkBlock (’: * ByronBlock (’: * (ShelleyBlock (ShelleyEra StandardCrypto)) (’: * (Sh>

(This is NOT my IP) from relay log…
Domain: “” Connection Attempt Start, destination
Dec 11 15:59:52 racknerd-f0ab12 cardano-node[653]: [racknerd:cardano.node.DnsSubscription:Warning:383] [2021-12-11 21:59:49.95 UTC] Domain: “” Failed to start all required subscriptions

ErrorPolicy:Warning:376] [2021-12-11 22:12:56.81 UTC] IP ErrorPolicySuspendPeer (Just (ApplicationExceptionTrace (MuxError MuxBearerClosed “<socket: 69> closed when reading data, waiting on next header True”))) 20s 20s

cardano-node[648]: Error: Switchboard’s queue full, dropping log items!Error: Switchboard’s queue full, dropping log items!

ErrorPolicy:Notice:789] [2021-12-11 22:23:42.94 UTC] IP (NOT MY IP-address)

DnsSubscription:Warning:801] [2021-12-11 22:23:44.29 UTC] Domain: “” (i dont use DNS)
DnsSubscription:Notice:144189] [2021-12-11 22:23:44.75 UTC] Domain: “” Connection Attempt Start, destin>

Thanks in advance for any input


This should be the slot alocated to u for mint… in other words… u had a block assigned

That is how I read that. Just wanted to ask to make sure that is what it meant… I was here at the computer during that last 30 mins of the Epoch…

Trying to figure out what happened…


What is the ticker?


heading to work, will check back later…