Launch your White Label NFT Marketplace with Cardano network

White Label NFT Marketplace is the replica of the other NFT Marketplace used to buy/sell NFTs. The difference between both is the change in mode of operation, white label clone script is a 100% customization of the platform with all its end-to-end functionalities. The benefit of White Label NFT Marketplace is the time required to launch the NFT platform is less and with high scalability. Maticz with the experienced developers can launch your NFT Marketplace on Cardano Blockchain.

Development of White Label NFT Platform

The development of the White label NFT Marketplace is similar to the development of the NFT platform but the only change is the development from the scratch and development from the clone script and with the following

  • Select the Blockchain network for your NFT platform
  • Determine your token specifications
  • List out the features for the Marketplace
  • Approach NFT Marketplace development company with your idea.
  • Release the beta version for the specific users
  • Launch your Marketplace after solving issues and bugs