Launchpad Testnet vs Public Testnet

Hi, I am reading through the github release note of Cardano-Node and came across the term launchpad testnet and public testnet. I was wondering which testnet the IOHK Staking Course uses in their tutorials? What are also the difference between the launchpad testnet and public testnet?

Attaching the notes here

The launchpad testnet will not be restarted and will remain on 1.24.2. Public testnet and staging have been upgraded to 1.25.1.

The reason I am asking is that I am currently encountering issues when attempting to use cardano-node run command while following the Staking Course by IOHK. Specifically, I am getting this error

cardano-node: Network.Socket.bind: unsupported operation (Cannot assign requested address)

My Cardano version is 1.24.2 which could be a potential issue since the last release note mentions that the PUBLIC testnet is on 1.25.1.

I think understanding the difference between the launchpad testnet and public testnet would be helpful here!

** I am aware there are people who had similar issues with and came across their post on the forum, but I wasn’t sure if their proposed solution is the proper way to solve this problem, therefore, I would like to make a post here to ask the community once again.