Ledger Live

I hope this question doesn’t annoy / been invested in Cardano for many years, and support from this space has been invaluable. This question isn’t (strictly speaking) about Cardano, but I’m really hoping somebody can confirm or otherwise. Simply; I have Ledger Live installed on a MacBook Pro and a MacMini, and I want to delete L/Live from the 15# laptop before selling it. Is there any risk in doing this, or will the Ledger Live account on the MacMini be unaffected? Thanks in advance.

Hi. There is no risk.


Shouldn’t be a problem; u can format the laptop;


Thank you both, appreciate the responses. Cheers

Hi ADA4010 , maybe of topic but HDD/SSD security wise. You could also sell the laptop “with” a new hard drive in it, doesn’t cost that much to replace it. and keep the old hard drive, just as a precaution. I never sell a PC or Mac with my old drive. :innocent:

Hi HAL2000, certainly not a bad suggestion, except in this case the MacBook Pro - which is still under warranty - is going back to Apple and will likely be replaced due to a series of serious ongoing issues. It’s only about 11 months old, been an awful machine since day 1. If open it, or change the internals in any way I void the warranty. So all I really want to do is delete Ledger Live, which I’m 99% certain will have no impact on the same Ledger Live app / account on my MacMini, but the 1% is a fearful divide. Wanted to check in with some younger, smarter minds before my old brain (potentially) makes a mistake. Thanks for replying.