Ledger X - Incorrect device/adress?

Hi all,
I connected today as usual to stake my earnings with my Ledger connected, but when I try to claim I have this message " Appareil incorrect détecté. Appareil attendu 9a188189be30ae, mais fac3a070be36a2 a été obtenu. Veuillez brancher le bon appareil"
I have two ledger but on the same seed so I guess it should not be a problem? Can anyone explain me the problem?

And if I go to the staking adress, it says “THE ADDRESS DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY STAKE KEY”…


Did u changed the ledger device? Ok u have 2 devices… then try to use on ledger per chrome/user account or one ledger with chrome and the 2nd one with mozzila or even adalite.io


I tried again with my second Ledger after restrating the PC and it’s working fine now, thx.

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Great, happy delegation!