Legder get stuck on "waiting commands" on adalite.io


I have my Cardano coins staked at the adalite.io but when i try to log into my wallet throught “unlock with ledger” i acctually get stuck to “waiting for commands” on ledger, and on the computer with a message that says “touch your security key”.
I have version 2.2.1 on my ledger nano X.

Thank you

Perhaps waiting for ur OK to export the keys?
I understand ledger will ask for ur permision…

sure i suppose that should happen but i never get a command to accept it on my ledger, it just gets stuck

Do u have the ledger live and cardano app opened?

Try to connect it via WebUSB :slight_smile:

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Is “waiting for commands” a normal status on the ledger or should it say “application ready”? Ive got
my ledger sync to Daedalus but the ledger is still saying “waiting for commands”.