Legit Cardano Software?

Hello all,

So a couple months ago I downloaded the Daedalus Catalyst app for my desktop.

Link to download: https://iohk-vit-installers.s3.amazonaws.com/daedalus-1.0.0-CT-mainnet_catalyst-15593.exe?t=1608261741602 (if you search this, it will download the Daedalus Catalyst - Mainnet - 1.0.0)

I just want to verify if this is legit software because I attempted to restore my hardware wallet onto it.

I believe this is where it was downloaded from (https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/900004779323-Daedalus-Catalyst-1-0-0-CT-release-notes-and-instructions)

Nothing has been stolen from the wallet as of now…but want to know if I should reset my seed phrase

If you downloaded it from the offical IOHK website everything should be okay. There was a new version of Daedalus called Daedalus Catalyst for a short period. But the voting center has been merged into Daedalus Mainnet with the latest update.

That’s what I thought, and even then I double checked everything. I know in anticipation for fund3, I thought I had to restore my wallet on the Desktop app, so I attempted to…but it wouldnt work because my wallet is Shelly and it only accepted Byron.