Less in and Out Peers with 1.26.1

Hi Spo’s,

I am worried with the fact that, when I did updated my nodes to 1.26.1. I got less IN and OUT peers, will this have effect on producing blocks?
At the moment total of 3 OUT with 0 unreachable and 20 IN where 13 are unreachable.

Still processing TX’s though so everything else seems fine.

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The out connections are driven by the topology.json - so extend the list of nodes in topology file to get more out connections. 20 incoming connections is healthy…

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You should also update to 1.26.2 as that is the latest node, not 1.26.1

You should update to 1.26.2 - because .1 has a performance bug during epoch changes and because clio.one is filtering nodes that don’t have the latest version - at least AFAIK.

Ok thank you all, I will update asap. But is the BP node still able to mint a Block if it is not up to date?

yes, it can!