Let us unite!

After the small problem in the exchange wallets, many bad FUDs, and yesterday’s ETH pull-up price vampire, Cardano’s price looks slightly frustrated. Cardano is steadily developing, give her some confidence and patience. We need courage and perseverance. I’m not an idealist, but I think that for us to invest in Cardano, we just need that and that’s enough. (Her other conditions are fully equipped.) Let us move towards the goal of serving the financial circle of developing countries. After all the recent problems have been solved, Cardano will pair with the U.S. dollar and euro and list in many bigger exchanges. By then the price will be unobstructed. The reality is sometimes there are some ugly inside, we should protect Cardano, don’t let her get hurt, let us unite, this’s we can do completely!

Let’s work hard to promote equality in the financial world. Ebb Tide and see the real gold. Time will tell everything. When the birds fly high, the fish return to the sea, there will be no more fetters! Cardano is not a quick get rich project, her price is what she deserves. The free choice and decision of the value of money by people all over the world has become the inevitable trend of future development. When Cardano popularizes, the price will be stable. We are very lucky as early adopters! Only when we take the first step will other conservative people finally come in, which is determined by historical development! Caldano is a bank that does not devalue, and anyone of us can make a deposit here. She contains all the high tech needed for the future economy - because relentless iteration is her principle - all we have to do is use them simply. Let’s change the world! Cardano protects our privacy and assets absolutely safe! Only faith is not enough to make a success, but lack of confidence can not do anything. We need marketing, we need trust. Those FUDs, we shouldn’t neglect them or let them sit, otherwise they will become big ones. Long live open source! We may change the world, but we do not require people to remember us! It is time to renew the world with freedom and conscience!

When we are a child, our love is like deep sea, our dreams are ∞.

Youth like a hymn, full of warm and sunny clear.
Countless rain and snow outside the young atrium, shallow singing.
The dream of the heart is silent, sometimes like the highest sky, only the breeze and the clouds dancing.
Those young dreams like a boat, was ready to sail, and returned safely after finally reaching the first port.

Now, it’s time to really sail to the sea!


Edit: Charles just released a video on Twitter, things have been completely clarified! Please let me mourn for the FUD makers for 3 minutes! :snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow::snowman_with_snow: