Lets this Topic Use for Whoever Tries To Compete/Eliminate the Cardano Platform

And to Start with I found recently this article, Its like US convincing the Ethiopia Coffee Farmes to make not deal with Cardano Platform? https://newbusinessethiopia.com/ivanka-trump-meets-ethiopian-businesswomen-in-coffee-textiles-industries/

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I tried to look up one company in the article Muya Ethiopia, and didn’t see much. A crowd source platform I’m loosely connected to http://wikirate.org/ doesn’t seem to have any company listing yet. As it is crowd sourced, currency communities can use it to build part of their data commons. My connection is as a contributor to the underlying platform.

Are these good organizations being lobbied by I.T. and such or are some of them also involved in Cardano initiatives. If I understand your purpose in this topic, we want to make it clear about motives and connections wrt Cardano and currencies more generally.