LetzBake on testnet

Have you noticed LetzBake guys on Shelley testnet with 1.2 Billion stake? :roll_eyes: Sufficient to test saturation point. Anyone knows background of these guys? Tezos guys are interested in ADA?

Value rectified now. It could be a bug in the display tool created but i am not sure. Closing the topic.

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Looking at the growth of the ITN over the weekend and these whale delegations was like watching a thriller. :grinning:

I don’t think it was a bug in pooltools.io, tbh at first I thought that this was an “ad campaign”, than an attack, then more like a bug in a delegation script or someone messed something up, but it’s pure speculation.


hope it was a bug in the delegation script. At the moment stake values are in normal range. I was a bit worried to see it and suspected an attack.