Light cli wallet


I was wondering if iog (or some other trusted party) offers
api/cli wallet functionality that does not require installing a node or syncing the whole chain. This would be really helpful for hosting cardano-based small projects on a local server.

Lace seems promising but it appears to be a ui only, Am I right? do you know any other platforms?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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There is elastic query layer (not from IO, and not exactly from a company) - Koios, where community can string their instances together, and is open-source. You can use it via one of the two CLI projects or libraries, OR you can directly liase with the REST endpoints.

You also have Dandelion, blockfrost, tangocrypto to elect from.

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Dapp connector or bridge wallets that implement CIP-30 may be good enough for your needs as well. Most of which already leverage one of the API options @rdlrt mentioned. Yoroi was supposed to implement this functionality but more popular community wallets are also available. Checkout the CIP-30 compatibility matrix for more details.

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