List of Cardano / ADA staking pools


Isn’t that commercially sensitive information?


I’d be happy with a range.


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So what is it now, wind, hydro? :wink:


From a business dev perspective, it would be in every pools’ interest to promote the Cardano platform/community as this will drive increased economic activity. However, I think this would prove most successful if there would be a direct correlation between “x” amount of promotional investment by a given pool equaling proportionally greater chances of that pool being chosen to create blocks. Right? If so, how would one control for that? Thanks in advance.


haha, no, it’s just low power at 50-70 watt server. There is no way I am spending $2500 on the solar equipment until I know the staking rewards. I thought we would know by now, so I will re-eveluate the when more is known.




Protocol does not care about this. Such activity is left completely to the node’s decisions.


I am not a pool operator, but I am as curious as you are :smiley:

I will run an ADA stake pool only if I can do it as a full time occupation, which means the income from the pool needs to replace the salary + benefits I earn from my current employment :smiley:

I would say that those who have an idea of what configuration of servers is expected would have an idea of the costs. However, since that is competitive information, as @RobJF pointed out, not many would be willing to share. Unless IOHK’s stake pool team comes up with a set of guidelines all estimates would be just guesstimates.

Form the videos that discuss staking, I gather that registered stake pools will be required to host a certain number of relay nodes as well. Let’s assume that each stake pool node will need to host 10 relay nodes as a starting configuration and will eventually turn into a small farm of relay nodes.

Given that the compute resources required for a stake pool will not be that high, the biggest costs will be a) storage, b) network I/O, c) salary of a system admin, and d) overheads.

If you hosted your pool using AWS EC2 and used EBS and S3 for storage you’d have some fixed costs and some metered costs.

You’ll need EC2 reserved instances, because the servers are required to be online all the time. All of these instances will have nearly idle CPUs, but will be very busy with disk I/O and network I/O.

For transaction volumes of 20 transactions per second, you could easily reach 10TB network I/O on the relay nodes per month. I am not sure what that rate is right now. @vantuz-subhuman’s stake reward calculator seems to indicate a much lower number, 15K transactions per epoch ==> ~0.03 transactions per second.

For disk space the block chain could grow to ~4TB in 2019 (assuming 20 TPS). It is ~5G right now (@ 0.03 TPS). It will probably be lower if the storage optimizations are done before or shortly after the launch of stake pools.

With these number you are looking at ~4K per month in AWS costs, assuming you choose the 3 year monthly billing plan.


Yes, but this would be a critically sore point. Why would one node promote more than another if both have equal chances of being chosen? Unfortunately, this scenario might lead to complacency and stifle economic innovation within the community. However, a weighting system that takes promotional investments into account would benefit the entire network as it would entice every node to incorporate such activities/investments into their cost structure.


HAHA, that’s pretty dam funny right there.


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To be in the top k of pools. Pools promote the system by promoting themselves.


Very glad and excited to be here. Stakery will run a Cardano staking pool as well.

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Hello to all potential Cardano Stake Pool organizers!

How far along are you in setting up the environment for your staking pool?

If you would like to enhance your pool offering with top-quality research on crypto, we need to talk.

Please reach out if interested.


What are the requirements to develop a staking pool? Is this basically just a frontend website to check the balances or is there more?
Is there an open source pool I can look into?


Awesome! Even though the list isn’t set in stone, this is great start to giving the community an idea of where to stake their ADA. I like! :grin:


Hey everyone,

I have created a telegram channel for stake pool operators and users to communicate.

Please feel free to drop in and say hi.



If you like, you can add to the list aswell.