List of Cardano / ADA staking pools


We can all update:


Great web design @adatainment , really solid stuff mate!

Could you elaborate more on the ADA Faucet Game you mention on your site, just wanted to learn a bit more about it. :slight_smile:


Thank you @bullish - nothing to show at the moment. I’m playing around with two different approaches right now: a skill based and a luck based game style. Both with different challenges. a.) prevent cheating in the skill based and b.) proof / verify the game was not rigged.

Let me point out that this is a faucet and not a “casino”. No bets, user wins every time but the outcome depends on one of the above mentioned approaches.


This sounds like an amazing idea tbh, would love to see it in action when shelley shows her pretty face :slight_smile:


Very nice @adatainment good job



Hi there, can you add ?



It looks like this list / thread is no longer maintained. You can use


I just clicked, but the website did not work. Feel free to list it yourself at:


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