List of Community Active Staking Pools

Hey All!
In anticipation of the coming mainnet I was thinking we should provide -

A shortlist of pools operated by active members in the community who are committed to the values of Cardano.

It is not meant to be inclusive (since any pool is technically a community pool), or comprehensive (there are other excellent tools for that).

See criteria and table legend below the table.

| Mainnet ticker (Testnet ticker) | Fixed Fee | Var. Fee | Total Testnet Blocks | Lifetime ROS |
| Who’s first? |Low | Reasonable | Quite a few | Gorgeous! |

Table Legend -

Mainnet planned ticker (Testnet ticker) + Link to website.
Lifetime ROS:
Total testnet rewards paid to delegators divided by average total stake per epoch (Ann.).
Anything else you would like to see on the table?
I was thinking maybe some value related to pledge (Pledge % in pool? Pledge amount?). What do you think?

Inclusion Criteria

Activity in the community

  • Hold a user on this forum for a min. of 1 year (can be verified with DM).
  • Min. of 5 posts, 20 replies & 40 likes on the forum. 50% of which in the past 6 months.

Note: We can change/add criteria as the community sees fit. But I would like this list to only represent operators who engage with, and care about, this project’s members.

Pledge to the community

By being included in this list, pool operators pledge to nurture and protect the values of Cardano. These include, among others, a few mentioned in its motivation and conclusion:

Provide a more balanced and sustainable ecosystem that better accounts for the needs of its users.

(Bring) stakeholders closer to the operations and maintenance of their cryptocurrency.

Explore the social elements of commerce

(Believe that) Cardano is a pragmatic dreamer that learns from its elders, is a good citizen in its community, and always finds a way to pay its bills.

Thanks All! Hope this little initiative will not create friction, and that I will have ample time to maintain & discuss this list! Hit me! :dove::cupid:


Always finds a way to pay it’s bills until the money runs out

It makes me smile @rin9s, it should go without saying, some would take offence at the very nature of segregation🖖

P. S Never invite folk to hit you they may take the literal sense

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I asked the Admins to delete it since nobody seems to be interested :smiley: .
I have no illusions about Pluralism @Trigger - to me it clearly does not include everybody. Only the Pluralists :slight_smile: .

I think my logic here was similar (though how I suggest to measure involvement is awful I think now), simply asking -
Who is willing to state that they are running a pool for the right reasons?
Who is willing to commit to values, beyond good service?

I know of a few pools who might, but I guess they’re also not interested in being listed here…

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I understand my friend and you have the very best intentions and it would seem you have a good heart, and a bright spirit :vulcan_salute: