Littercoin founder saying hi from Ireland


Seán here,

Founder of Littercoin which has been in development since I was introduced to tokenisation in 2015.

Before that, I was working on the openlittermap research and actively looking for a reward to give people for collecting data.

After 15 years doing research on plastic pollution independently, self-financing everything, after nearly 100 applications I got my first funding from catalyst in fund 4.

This fund is still ongoing but we have developed the Littercoin smart contract which is now on testnet

You can find the plutus code on GitHub - OpenLitterMap/littercoin: This is the Littercoin Smart Contract repository. Littercoin is a blockchain reward for producing Open Geospatial Data on plastic pollution anywhere. For more info - getting this done so quickly was thanks to networking, collaboration and support at Cardano4Climate, the best impact group in all of crypto.

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in the future. I will be at the summit, let’s catch up for a hello if you will be there.



Hi Sean
Great to see littermap found a home here!
Would love to hear about your experiences with it

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