.LiveView still recieving data?

Hi Folks,
I’m trying to unsderstand a few aspects of Cardano staking.

I have two relays and both are synched to IOHK. I deleted the db on my block producer - on purpose - and stopped the service of each of my two relays to see what the BP would do. To my surprise, gLiveView appears on the BP to continue to bring in data and rebuld the db. As far as I can tell, my BP should only be able to talk to talk to my two relays and my local PC via SSH.

What am I percieving? Am I mistaken?

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Interesting, it definitely will always attempt to sync.
How is your topology files on the relays and the bp nodes?

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If this is an anomoly, then I will fix it.

My BP should only talk to my two relays on the same subnet. It can talk to my home PC on SSH. The BP is going so slow, maybe data was cached from the relays? Is this ia possibility? Developers? My test was only for a few minutes, then I started the servivces again.

I left the BP going for ~10 hours last night after deleting the database - aws m5a - and I’m only on epoch 95 oin the BP. I may build my own systems and abandon aws.


I upgraded to AWS i3 tier and I have different behavior now. Synching stops on the BP when the relay is stopped. Significantly faster and easier to observe code behaviors.