Local node not adding blocks


My local blockchain is not adding blocks. I can see the network adding them, but im stuck.

Im using the build-cardano-sl-and-daedalus-from-source-code version on ubuntu 18.04.

its been working fine until i guess recently, Im stuck at 98% (stuck on block 1813887 as i write this).

any suggestions how to get it working again?

I did a git pull and rebuilt everything to be sure it was the most recent.

I have plenty of disk space (i just thought maybe it was because the disk was full, but its 18% full).

Stopping on this exact block is a known issue and there was a patch a few days ago that fixed this problem. Maybe you’re pulling from the wrong branch?

im using master. should i be using a different one?

update: ive switched to develop, deleted blocks db folder, started over on sync.

update #2: it still gets stuck on 1813887

ok so ive gone back and forth between master and develop a few times, rebuilt, deleted blocks, etc. and its still stuck on that same block 1813887.

omg this is so annoying. why doesnt this work?!@!@#@#%#^E%@&%#R&%^#

Hi. Could you show me how to resolve this problem, please?
I’m using docker and I also got stuck on block 1813887.

Have you tried updating? This issue was fixed long ago.


I upgraded version to latest docker and it works normally.
Thanks in advance!

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