Logfiles gets quite large

I noticed the file in


became quite large (9 GB in my case) and heavily fragmented on disk.

Zipping it to an archive reduced the size down to 1%.

As it’s only a logfile for debug messages and nothing related to the blockchain and the wallets itself it may would be a good idea to either

  • let Daedalus suggest to the user to purge the file after it has reached a certain filesize (let’s say 1 GB)
  • let the user turn of or define from low/mid/debug log-levels

Or is it only on my computer ?

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on linux/unix you could configure https://linux.die.net/man/8/logrotate to archive log file automatically

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Yes I know, it can also be achieved on Windows with a little scripting and scheduled task. Or with tools like https://sourceforge.net/p/logrotatewin/wiki/LogRotate/

But IMHO the application itself has to care about this, especially as long as it’s not a staking-pool edition but an end users desktop app.

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Just checked mine, <150MB. I’m guessing several GB might indicate some kind of problem…


That’s useful feedback and that’s why I asked

I’ll look at it in order to understand what could have caused it, because I never noticed any problem with startup, sync and operations.

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Mine is 9 GB as well. Can I just erase the logs? 9 GB our of 250 GB on my drive is a lot of wasted space.

I zipped and removed it. As it’s only a debug log file ans not part of the ledger it’s ok to free up that space. But when you only delete it there is no chance to understand what circunstances caused this large file.
(Zipping should result in a ~130 MB file)

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I’ll zip it then. Thanks @werkof. This is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

Worked great. Had no effect on my wallet.

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My cardano-node.log is 16 GB. It looks like it is logging every transaction that occurs when my wallet is open.