Looking for SundaeSwap Pool Partner - Have 3.3M Votes to "Swap"

Hey there - This might be a longshot, but figured I’d throw it out there… Based on my rough math, my pool is right on the threshold of being in the top 30 at the moment. I have a whale wallet with 3.3M votes who so far has ONLY voted for my pool. They would be willing to add a second pool to their voting power.

Curious if anyone else is in a similar position as it would be a win-win to “swap” ~3.3M votes with another pool if possible. If so, feel free to DM me directly.

Wow, can u add me? Charity pool ; 970 is my code; with this big vote I might have a chance; now I am on place 50

Thank you so much, will be huge for us :beers:

Alex, because of your contributions on this forum you would definitely be my first choice, but I am first looking for someone who has the ability to cast a similar amount of votes to my pool. I would like to see if we can make it a win-win and get TWO pools to win as a result since my pool is also very close at the moment.

:frowning: ok man, thx :beers: but if can’t find find no one u can choose me on last minute