Lost 12 Phases However Still Have original Computer, App, and Files

Hi Guys,
Made a major mistake and lost my secret phrases and now the original App version 1.0.3769 will not complete syncing blocks, stops syncing around ~73-75%. Is there any way of getting the original App to complete the syncing process so I can recover my phrases?


you can’t get the seed words from Daedalus even if it would sync again. If you remember the spending password then the best way is to use Yoroi to transfer all the funds to a new wallet: https://yoroi-wallet.com/#/

Checkout this how to: https://medium.com/@emurgo_io/master-key-import-in-yoroi-853db1adecd6


Another possibility, also requiring the spending password however, is to update to the current version of Daedalus then create a new wallet and move the ADA to it.


Thanks guys for the rapid response! I will look into both options. And give feedback.

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How do I get my original Daedalus to update if I cannot get it to finish syncing blocks?

Only by replacing it manually: https://daedaluswallet.io/#download

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When I did the manual update/download the new update will not connect to the network. Stuck on starting Cardano Node

Sorry to hear that. You could try Yoroi, or the best source of help for Daedalus now is Telegram channel https://t.me/CardanoCommunityTechSupport