Lost ADA during 1.4 download

I have 5 wallets and just completed the 1.4 version download. Everything worked well expect that one of the wallets lost their ADA…it displays a “0” balance. The other 4 wallets show the correct balance. Contacted IOHK but have not yet received a response. Does anyone have a recommendation on how to regain the coins for the 5th wallet?

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Here are a few things I would do:

  1. check the address that belongs to the 5th wallet on clio-dot-one or adascanadot-net so you can verify the money is still in the wallet.
  2. Wait for the response from IOHK.
  3. If all else fails, you can restore the 5th Daedalus wallet into a fresh installation of Yoroi using your original 12 word passphrase used to create the 5th wallet. This would answer your question and regain the coins, but there have been reported events where the “Restore to Yoroi” procedure did not work.

Thanks SO much for your reply and suggestions!!

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