Lost ADA in NFT transaction - Both Asset and amount ended in random wallet

Hey guys, not sure if Im posting this in the right category. I made a sale using Tokhun.io and even though it says the item has been sold, I did not receive the amount. Both the asset and the money are in another wallet now which hasn’t made any moves. I have the wallet address, transactions etc and can provide them if necessary. Could someone take a look and help me figure out what happened?

All the best,


Perhaps the funds will be redirected to you soon, be patience… did u added that “wrong” address or what?
Did u contacted tokhun team?

Hey Alex thanks for the response! No I had my own wallet address set as the receiving wallet for sure! I haven’t found a single way to contact Tokhun yet but I will make sure I do! Let’s just hope it’s redirected soon but it’s been quite a while

I’ve been researching a bit about the tech behind making these things work, and from what I gathered so far I’m guessing this is either a delay technically in the way they have it setup (maybe a cron job runs and has to do a bunch of tx’s that are lined up, etc), or could be human involvement which of course would delay things for certain depending on volume. I personally don’t know of that site and their trustworthiness, but I bet it’s just a delay and doesn’t seem totally strange that it would transfer to a third party first if they are using off-chain technicals to fulfill orders.

I saw few contacts option to the bottom of their page