What is the status? Syncing?


Importing wallet

Hmm I don’t know what to say… u can stop and try again… it looks like it processing somthing?

Just tried again, it found wallets but didn’t give a name, says they are unnamed

I have to duck out so I’ll have another look later on, thanks again for your input!

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Alex it’s me again, I’ve tried everything to import but doesn’t work, if i open the old Daedalus v0.9.1 will it sync? I get network connection lost - reconnecting…

Please contact IOHK support team, they will know how to help you


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I already reported the app and now we can’t see it on the store.

A least my misfortune prevents others…

Hi Tony,

The same thing happened to me - over 35,000 ADA lost because of stupid app store. I was too new to realize and now it is all gone. I filed police report and filed insurance claim but I do not think I will ever see it again. I filed ticket with IOHK support but they do not respond to me.

Cardano should think heavily about creating an official Google Play Store app so people will not continue to be defrauded out of thousands of dollars. There should be better notices available for new users to crypto or this will continue to hurt more than it will help the community.

I should have also done better due diligence as well. I saw over 140+ positive reviews over 4 stars but I failed to read all of them. They were likely all fake reviews and there were several scam reviews mixed in. After I left my negative review and reported it to Google, it was removed from the store today.