Love from little Vietnam

Hi, My name is Quynh Anh, 31 years old, I am living in Vietnam. I have been learning about the crypto currency for 2 weeks. Earlier, during the year, I bought a few books about blockchain to try to understand what is blockchain.

After a basic understanding of how blockchain works, I learned of digital currencies. I still don’t understand enough about digital money but there is no doubt that blockchain can work.

I have a strong belief that digital money will not be separate from blockchain in the future. And Cardano, you’re like the inventor Edison, when people invented a 4-wheel vehicle and figured out how to make it run faster, you found a way to build a train. And of course, creating a train takes a lot of time and effort. But in order to reach the end of its ultimate goal, you must clearly have a persistent heart with great love and enthusiasm - things that no one has ever been able to step.

Your project is full of philosophy and art that I believe those who believe in and choose Cardano are also people who have a vision for the sustainability of the future. I appreciate the people who are working day and night in your team. You are outstanding, wonderful and devoted people. God bless you.

Sincere & My Best Regard!


Welcome to the community, @quynhanh2207 !

Love what you wrote here, and I totally agree with it!

It’s a pleasure to see new people like you join the community for the philosophy, rather than just making money.

Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

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It’s a pleasure to receive the love and respect from Ada lover :blush:

Hey welcome to the Forum. I have been in the space for a little over a year now and I’m still learning and I have the same beliefs as you Cardono is here for a long time these guys and girls are doing wonderful things we have a bright future if I can ever help you please message me and I’ll help you anyway I can thank you

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Welcome @quynhanh2207!

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Welcome to the fam @quynhanh2207. Great introduction btw!

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Welcome to the Community @quynhanh2207 :wave::cardano:

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Thanks for your greeting!

Thanks for your welcome!

Thanks your your caring!