Mainnet 3.3.2 and my wallets doh!

Firstly I wish to say ty to everyone for such a great site, not stopped reading it. Now here is what I hope is two minor issues. After installing 332 I ran my ledger with seedphrase installed previous but nothing appears. It was last used in March and is the 12 seed byron wallet, needs changing or reinstalled ? Everything is up to date also.The other wallet is from the same time, with two spending passwords and a 15 word seed phrase. This means I won’t be using it with 332 and ledger ? I must of read 100 similar questions and thought I would check in here for advice. Ty for reading and any info is greatly appreciated.


Make sure the Ledger is up to date and has the Cardano app installed through the Ledger App. The only seeds you should need is for restoring the hardware wallet. Then import both the Byron and Shelley hardware wallets in Daedalus, you should not be asked for any seed there.

Ah ok great. I will go and see how it goes,thanks for the response. Everything’s up to date yes. Ty

Great! Appreciate your consideration of support :grin:

So I went ahead with this and thought ok restart Main332 as well re. Clean start and it won’t budge 0%. Tbh my chrome book thing took18hrs to dl it so I don’t want to push it perhaps. Is it a case of doing the same but just via the Yoroi instead. The dl of 332 was simply to not use chrome apps etc as I am aware of all the scams and yes Yoroi is fine it seems but you can understand like everyone I am super para of being stung. Or I could be missing something simple with 332 ? As before any advice and steps are appreciated. Opercentpool yes np at all and thanks again.

Yoroi is fantastic, their mobile version works with HW too. is also a great tool. They all use the same HW module developed by vacuumlabs behind the scenes and the beauty of the HW storing the keys is you can use all 3 clients and switch between them without risking your funds. You just have to make sure they are the official apps.

Yoroi for mobile is also a nicd wallet :slight_smile:
Be aware of daedalus app for android… it’s a SCAM!!!


Yes and the reason I know this is due to yourselfs on this forum. I did a pile of reading on here as I knew I may get issues with the older wallets etc. Am gonna sack it of tonight and replan the steps. It feels like I have read a million of these issues that I won’t be asking for advice after the event goes wrong ha. Cheers again for the response people.