Mainnet 4.9.1

hey guys,
just updated my wallet to 4.9.1
but screen keeps going back @ where is stated
● verifying on disk blockchain state 100%

●replaying ledger from ondisk blockchain 53%

●syncing blockchain 100%

this replaying ledger keeps stuck @53% why i dont have a clue
few min later back to my wallet and keeps on syncing🤷‍♂️somebody same as me??? one time the node also crashed🤪


Any progress?


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just woke up later going to load up wallet
:thinking: very strange 4.9.0 was working very very smooth not a single issue and boom 4.9.1 trouble trouble
can i have the mobil nr of charles hoskinson​:crazy_face::laughing::grin: :point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up::point_up:

this process has become very very slow
4.9.0 was super fast🤔
replaying ledger is the one never gets on 100%
higest i got was 89% yesterday
now i think it was beter not to update🤷‍♂️
now 55% verifying ondisk blchain state
other 2 stil 0

I understand that 4.9.1 has new changes and this could be the reason… keep it open for more hours

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ok alex

now its like this​:upside_down_face::crazy_face:
other 2 stil not moving
can i pass my electric bill to charles​:laughing::grin:

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after 9 hours stil not moved ahead screen keeps jumping back and forth. now the screen with the 3 meter’s only the syncing blockchain is on 100%
other 2 0% ,in 9 hours only 99.87%sync a plus of 1%:sob::pleading_face:

hmm, can be an issue related with ur hardware configuration? Do u have enough resources?

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hmm it can be🤔 wich resources you mean alex

RAM and free space on HDD

If u have the seed words of the wallet then try to unninstall/reinstall Daedalus

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ram for sure low 8gb thats why i was on rts flags active on, for free disk space must check this out in my opinion must b ok because i dont run anything else on this machine never loaded something up🤔 strange that 4.9.0 was super with running no trouble

thanks alex for your time and effort
god bless you friend
i need sleep now bit sleepy
thank u​:+1::+1::+1:

Try this when u wake up :beers:

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today running all day i am on 99.90% sync🤔
only problem is the replaying ledger from ondisk blockchain i never have it on 100%:man_shrugging: 4.9.0 all 3 meter went straight to 100% then to wallet sync that went smooth to 100%. as you stated look @ your hdd space i have i have only used 20% of it 80% is freaking free.

oepsie i have reached 99.93%%:yum:

a miracle has happend​:boom::boom::boom::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
i am one tiny step away alex​:cake::birthday:

pfffffffffff i am in guys

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:))) enjoy :beers:

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thanks alex sure a extra large pint of beer​:upside_down_face::crazy_face: