MantisPool Network [MANT] 1% fee

Here we go! Fantastic to finally have the MantisPool stake pool listed in Daedalus.

MantisPool operated two successful pools on the HTN. Have been a strong supporter of Cardano ever since the initial Charles Hoskinson Whiteboard presentation back in October 2017. That was so incredibly inspiring. No other project has the rock solid foundation that it takes to be the global financial operating system of the 21st century.

MantisPool has just launched so now is a great opportunity for you be in on the ground floor as one of the early delegators before the pool eventually becomes saturated. You’ll enjoy the highest returns at this early stage. I appreciate your delegation, but I also wholeheartedly embrace your decision to delegate elsewhere if you desire. The important part is that you delegate. We all need to do our part to promote and ensure the decentralization of the Cardano network.

Ticker: MANT
Pledge: 1.1 Million
Variable fee: 1%
Fixed fee: 390

Pool ID: 54f5f2618a3da4bb0b384895d8f3922189acbb8e9637201ebb26bc18
Location: United States and Germany
Pool infrastructure:

  • Cloud based servers located in military grade secure data centers.
  • Linux server nodes in the United States and Germany.
  • 24/7 operation with 99.9% uptime performance.
  • Professionally run with over 30 years of IT experience.
  • Rock solid security and extensive firewall and DDos protection.

We use Prometheus and Grafana monitoring software to constantly monitor the core and relay nodes. Alarms and alert systems trigger any undesired behavior that should occur within the infrastructure. Be assured that the nodes will be back into operation within the blink of an eye!

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The MANTIS pool has been performing exceptionally well since that first introductory post back way back on August 4. Still has the highest ROA of the top 150 pools in adapools. We’re proud of our accomplishments and so thankful and appreciative for all of the awesome delegators who put their faith in us to deliver strong gains for them. You folks are legends. :+1:

Amazing returns! Congratulations on your pools success!

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