Marketing and the next bull run

A quote from the article: “They (Bakkt) are preparing for the biggest Bitcoin push the crypto ecosystem has ever seen. That isn’t hyperbole. Google search the daily trading volume of gold futures and prepare to have your mind blown.”

I have a gut feeling the stage is being set for the biggest bull run in history to hit the crypto market.

If this next bull run follows the crypto market history, the whole thing might take only 6 weeks.

Shouldn’t we be working toward getting the Cardano name into public awareness before this monumental event happens?

Let’s put the infighting on hold and put this energy into promoting the project. We need the CF to be focused on providing ADA as incentives to get these community projects into full gear as quickly as possible.

I’m proposing that funding be available to projects that land outside of the Ambassador programs.

And that the route to apply for such projects be easily identified and accessed.

This would expedite the marketing campaign immensely.

How about peope start to step behind this initiative?

I haven’t seen a single Ambassador who supports it … why?

EDIT: I have found @Andy_Hendrikx who did. Thank you. Others?

I had 196 peope view my profile in a week.

If it’s 800 in a month and we have 1000 members of the Community follow this, it ends up reaching to 800.000 people in a month, the name “Cardano”, upon which they can start their journey (first via Google Search …

So why don’t we do this?!