Marlow Mobile Frontend?

I just saw a screen grab of a mobile app for Marlow. Does anyone know what the frontend is written in? Purescript? reflex-dom? …react?

It’s currently a design.

We’ll be implementing in PureScript.


Hi Simon,

May I ask what was the reason behind choosing the PureScript for creating the front-end?

We want to execute the semantics for Marlowe in the front end. It’s written in Haskell, so we’re able to take it across into PureScript.

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Dear @simonthompson ,

we are creating with Marlowe using playgorund, but we didn’t understand at now how to create a nice UI for our codes publish it on a webserver connected to the cardano net (or if available a test net), we know how to work with ethereum dapps and smart contracts and we also want to understand if cardano will need in order to run smart contracts and dapps, a sort of connector like metamask or if it is not necessary, I tried to search on the forum and on the web without success.

Thank you very much for you time.

Kind regards.