Master thesis on blockchain/cardano application on urban planning/design

Hello everyone. I’m a student of architecture & urban design. I’ve been reading and learning about blockchain for the past 2 years in my spare time as I find it incredibly interesting and I think it’s going to have an immense impact on our lives in the coming years.

In my thesis, I would like to combine both of my passions, urban planning/design with blockchain technology.

The master thesis has to be structured in two parts: theoretical part & design part, meaning that the theory that I present has to apply then to the actual urban plan of a neighborhood I will design, with conceptual design, floorplans, sections, renderings, etc.

I’m looking for ideas about what topic I could cover in the theoretical part and apply it to the design later. I have no programming language knowledge, but I did try to play around with Marlowe.

One idea that I have would be to create a land use/land ownership registry of my area that I would design, but I have no idea how hard that would be, as I am not a programmer.

The other idea is to write and research about participatory design, using a governance system, just like Catalyst, Ideascale, and treasury system, where people from some city would vote on proposals and have a decentralized treasury system to fund local projects.

I would appreciate any suggestions on possible other applications and ideas.

Thank you for your time,