Master thesis on blockchain/cardano application on urban planning/design

Hello everyone. I’m a student of architecture & urban design. I’ve been reading and learning about blockchain for the past 2 years in my spare time as I find it incredibly interesting and I think it’s going to have an immense impact on our lives in the coming years.

In my thesis, I would like to combine both of my passions, urban planning/design with blockchain technology.

The master thesis has to be structured in two parts: theoretical part & design part, meaning that the theory that I present has to apply then to the actual urban plan of a neighborhood I will design, with conceptual design, floorplans, sections, renderings, etc.

I’m looking for ideas about what topic I could cover in the theoretical part and apply it to the design later. I have no programming language knowledge, but I did try to play around with Marlowe.

One idea that I have would be to create a land use/land ownership registry of my area that I would design, but I have no idea how hard that would be, as I am not a programmer.

The other idea is to write and research about participatory design, using a governance system, just like Catalyst, Ideascale, and treasury system, where people from some city would vote on proposals and have a decentralized treasury system to fund local projects.

I would appreciate any suggestions on possible other applications and ideas.

Thank you for your time,



I am thinking the same for my doctoral thesis… Very interesting!~


That’s great, let me know if you find any interesting topics or ideas.

I like the second proposal idea although you may find that your starting topic looks quite different from your end product. All the best with your endeavours. Please give an update when you are able. My first degree was at RMIT faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

Will do. I am leaning toward something in the line of: "Concept of decentralized participatory urban design through blockchain technology.

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I’d read that. Hope this goes well, and I hope you consider sharing your finished project here with the community.

There may be a way to bring powerledger into this and have a community owned solar system