May I know what is the Purpose of ITN wallet address?

Dear Community,

When I am testing to recover my ADA wallet from Yoroi Extension. I did found out another type of address called ITN address. May I know what is the use case for that address?



Those addresses belongs to the incentivized testnet phase, more info about that:



Thanks for your article. The thing that I still do not understand is why we need an additional ITN wallet address just to accept the reward. Why not directly using the first Shelly Wallet Address? Right?

so, dont need to have ITN address to able to receive rewards (for staking)
where do you read this info that you need one?

@laplasz Yeah, we need ITN wallet address in order to retrieve the staking reward.
The only thing that I dont understand is why we need an additional ITN wallet since we already have our Shelley Wallet Address.

probably Yoroi just generates the ITN address without any functional reason.
But why do you think that ITN address is needed to receive staking reward?

In fact, I really don’t know what is the purpose of ITN wallet. I am so confused with that address and why we need that? I don’t think that it serves nothing or else Yoroi team should remove that.

@discourse-admin @admins Do you all have any clue on this? Cheers

So you had the statement that ITN wallet is needed for staking - so why do you think that?
I already said that it is not needed…

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