Mentorship for Devs and SPOS

i would like to know what the community members think of having a mentorship program for Devs and SPOs.
Devs whom have more experience within the ecosystem and a familiarity with certain things can help support new devs coming in whom have little to no experience within the ecosystem, or as requested; possibly have a check list of step by step things to increase knowledge and understanding. This would help expedite the overall experience thus potentially raising the bar of Cardano expertise.

As a newer Spo, ive found it somewhat challenging to try and fund my pool, get delegators, meet people whom have time to explain their experiences and help create a smooth path. Within a program a lot of time will be cut in half because you know where how and when.

i am in favor of actually creating a page where experienced devs/spos whom have availability, time, experience and a willingness to teach and mentor- possibly for a fee. Devs can list their availability and their skill set, etc. Apprentices can list their needs, ideas, etc…and there everyone can connect.

let me know thoughts toward this.

The closest attempt at mentorship was the pioneer programs but I am not sure if those are still ongoing. Apart from this forum there is also and the which are reasonably good resources.

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thanks DinoDude i appreciate the feedback.
where and how did you find out about my first time hearing about it. i will check it out shortly.
Looked at it. close but not exactly what i was describing.
What do you think about the other ideas if any thoughts.
look forward to picking your brain further!

Generally speaking Cardano resources have always been fractured. By this I mean it is an acquired skill in and of itself just to be able to find useful information spread across dozens of locations online which may or may not be updated.

In short, the Google-fu must be strong to learn anything about Cardano :wink:

e.g. I am kind of a lone wolf (nerd personality) but here are some things I found in about 5-10 minutes you might find interesting …

Cardano - Meetup
Cardano Mentor - Reddit
Cardano Learn

If you like formal documentation and proposals (business personality) then draft your idea for Catalyst Funding
If you like informal discussion and ideas (creative personality) then maybe Twitter, Telegram, etc?

hahaha i appreciate it again. and yes i know what you mean. i know meet up is all. And yes almost everytime im in Cardano i find something new and unexplored…the rabbit hole is endless!
im familiar with meetup- i will be hosting soon enough.

thanks for your feedback DinoDude!