Merry Christmas Founders!



Was hoping you were going to post soon. I never lost faith!



It’s time to show our Cardano family something, notice each peak, notice each bottom and the red volume below each

Now the explosion up, notice the % difference from the peak before

Again and again and again!!! Double +% each time…

Keep this low key, BUT FOUNDERS THIS IS WHAT YOUR FAITH HAS EARNED. This is the point in history we are at.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, or however you choose to live your life the next few months. Cheers to man kind!!

It will not come back this time around, HOLD and STAKE!!


Anyone else notice the hidden updates, in our wallet. Explore it, if you dare. Advancement announcements inbound.


Also, make sure to have possession of your assets, get them off the exchanges by the end of the year.

Don’t flaunt, “I had to sell all my investments to get my wife a car”. There will be people looking for targets. There will be people who will come into your life that haven’t been there before, be wary of them. Do good for the children, teach them the way we wish this world would be. Infect them with acceptance of people being different, it’s what makes the forest and mountains so pleasant and refreshing.


If your goal is to pay something off, hear me out:

Instead of cashing them out all at once, you will come waaaaayyyy ahead to only escrow the payments out that you would like to not have to pay out of normal income. It will leave more ADA to continue to grow in value long term. This next wave will be several, several months long. Some math indicate many years, before we have a full market cycle like we just finished up.