Metaps+ released this game

Called Digstar,

Ive been playing it for a few hours now, It’s pretty fun.
From what I UNDERSTAND this game will have some sort of blockchain tech feature, sort of like crypto kitty. But for mobile gaming(starting Jan 2019). Which I think is pretty awesome.

It’s pretty also big in Korea from what I’ve seen on Twitter.

If anyone of you wants to play it, find me and let’s be frands.
edit: here is more on the game


Looks cool, I searched Digstar on the play store and it showed up as ‘SPACE MINING’. Must have different names in different countries.


Found it as Space Mining as well. Fun little game, really well made. :grinning:


I put you to work in my planet hahaha.

There are no tutorials or explanations for what most of the houses do right now but hopefully in the future they release updates. I will tweet at them and let Ave a review.

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