Migration Cardstarter coins from ETH to Cardano

Hi All
I just noticed I have got still cardstarter coins on my ETH address… also I noticed cardstarted migrated to Cardano …
My question is can I still move it?
I found website https://migrate.cardstarter.io/ but it ask for metamask wallet, my cardstarter seats on my eth in my coldwallet ledger, I will not conect my ledger to any website to move it…
Can somebody help me if it still posible to migrate and how to do it without connecting my ledger to any websites… My ETH address shows 936 cards… maybe I can send it to any exchange?
Thanks for help

That is, of course, your decision, but part of the reason for using a hardware wallet is that it is relatively risk-free to connect it to a wallet app like Metamask and then to dApps such as this one. They cannot do anything without first asking the Ledger where you can look at the transaction in detail before signing it.

(Of course, don’t ever give the seed phrase of the Ledger in such a process! It is definitely not necessary to pair the device and only scams ask for it.)

According to https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/cardstarter there is no CEX that has Cardstarter and could accept deposits of the ERC-20 and allow withdrawals to Cardano.

(Again, even if it existed, in my opinion such a process would be much more risky than just using the migration tool with Metamask connected to a Ledger. And it would probably also have significant fees.)

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Can I crate metamask wallet with ETH address and then send cardstarter from ledger to metamask through erc20 and then connect metamask to website?

That should work, yes.