Millenials quitting facebook

I take this as good news:


Imagine when there are simple alternatives.

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Add to that at least one Gen X :wink:


I am one of those individuals that the article is referencing.

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I didn’t stay with FB more than about a year or so. I’m considered a boomer, but really too young for that by a few years in my estimation.

Used to be fairly into it when i was younger but never as much as some people. In recent years i cut my friends list down by about 1000 because i realised i had accepted so many requests from people i barely knew or didn’t really know at all.

These days i rarely use it, i imagine i post about 2-3 updates a year and they tend to be me releasing steam after another shockingly biased refereeing display in the Premier League against the team i support (Arsenal). On this note, regarding Charles’ most recent AMA Video i’d kindly ask him to rename his new “football” - not “soccer!!” team :sweat_smile: that he purchased, the name was so silly I’ve forgotten it now, the Ginger Giants or something along those lines? :laughing:

In any case i only really use Facebook Messenger these days to keep in contact with some friends and family and i have not even had the Facebook App on my Android phone for 3-4 years now. Only the Messenger App.

Dos equis cheers