Minimum requirements for stake pool. Cool story about success and fail

Hi, all! i’m watching for cardano since 2018 year.
Survived 3 years hodl (grizzle). Initial skepticism gave way to confidence in wide application this cryptocurrency. Now I am thinking about starting cardano-node.
This thread not about system requrments.
This thread about requrments quantity ADA for starting to make it more likely to be successful.
A lot nodes don’t produce blocks (adapools/org) or very rarely
How much time and effort do you devote to the project?
Share success and failure stories

A good overview of operator cost vs. just delegate and whether/how a starting pool can become profitable is here.

I personally check the monitor a few times a day, but that is only because I work in IT anyway. Every few weeks there is a software update, which actually requires a login to the VPS.

A good reward calculator is here.

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If u have friends with ADA and u are sure your pool could reach ~1M ADA staked for 1block/epoch average then it should be easy… but if u don’t have friends or if u don’t have a big amount of ADA then u will need to spend more time on social media sites to promote your pool and to attract more delegators…

actually this is the hard part, to find delegators