Mining Pool "Guardians of Middle Earth"

So when staking is launched, I’m thinking that we should have a pool called “Guardians of Middle earth”. Who’s with me?


I’m with you Gandalf!

But bugs shall not pass.

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Looks like some Big Miners are getting in on the action:

I’ve heard of Ninja pool before, I think they mine ETC:

Good to see confidence from large mining organisations. Hopefully we won’t see some pools get too large. I would love for “Guardians of Middle Earth” to become something like the ‘people’s’ pool, but I can see that it’s going to take a considerable time investment and some resources to get going at first. Running a mining pool is no joke.


Looks like you’re well on your way to starting up a pool:

I just saw you’re post in another thread. I might just have to join your pool :grinning:

I’m not too concerned about orchestrating a pool. I just want to help in any way to ensure the stake is distributed among a number of pools - in a way that makes centralization impossible.

I had this concern too.

I would guess that there would be some kind of a limit on a maximum stake per pool - maybe some percentage out of all ADA in circulation. But who knows, even that some group could overcome by putting together a number of independently looking pools.

So we will see how this will play out… It will be interesting to watch as the game theory is quite different from PoS.

If you would stake with us - that would be an honour! :slight_smile: