Mining via brainwaves

I have heard recently that Microsoft is working on a digital asset that could be mined by the biofeedback of a person. Or something to that effect.

It reminded me of the first Charles AMA I listened to. He mentioned the desire to create a crypto that could be mined through mediation.

I feel strongly that meditation is, overall, the best therapy for pretty much EVERYTHING. The mind is in control of everything subjective. The source of pretty much all problems in the world is the ego, and the runaway, uncontrolled mind that projects it. When one learns to stop the mind, one can see things more objectively and from a place of greater stability. Meditation (transcending thoughts/being present) brings about a stable psyche and an overall sense of peace and contentment. Things we desperately need right now.

I’ve been a very serious mediator for 2 decades. I’m quite certain I’ve engaged in deliberate “meditation” (abiding in/as thought free awareness) for at least 10,000 hrs. I have had a float tank in my home for 2 years.

If anyone would like to do something like this with Cardano, I would love to be involved. I’m a great ideas guy and my ability to remain effortlessly thought free may be of use to develop the hardware, or some such thing. I’m NOT a tech guy.

I feel that a DAPP that encourages a peaceful state of mind would be more beneficial to the individual and to society than one that encourages human consciousness to achieve a state that a centralized corporation wants it to.

meditation is not just mind control it is spiritual process. It should not be focused on money earning at all.
I dont understand how it is possible, need expensive hardware to connect with brain, but as experience it should be interesting

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I agree, intention in meditation is extemely important, doing it with desire for material gains would corrupt it.

Like participating in the governance of an economic system because you get a return on your investment?

The fact is that humanity needs drastic measures to counteract the chaos and delusion that is dragging humanity into a literal hell.

No I’m not trying to be hyperbolic. We have begun our descent into hell, and those who do not adapt their mechanism of operations (mind) will be first through the gates.

The average person needs to have an initial incentive to try something outside of their experience.

I’ve been sharing the benefits of a still mind for decades, but hardly anyone goes there. It’s too difficult and the reward isn’t a “high”, so spiritual practice is easily dropped. With just a bit of incentive, perhaps when people find their innate happiness, it’ll stick, even when they’re not “mining”.

Having people meditate will make the world a better place, regardless of the reason why they are meditating.

A massive computer network running on the biological processes of humans?
Have you guys seen the Matrix?

My favorite movie.

The difference is that the Microsoft version has consciousness focused outward onto something created by mind (humans), whereas the version I’m presenting has consciousness inwardly focused on thought free Awareness (aka: the self).

Going deeper into the screen world is not the path to reality or happiness. Being content in and of one’s self, is.

you can meditate entire life in a wrong way, or you can meditate right for few years and fix all your problems, right meditating is hardest activity I ever experienced in my life, but rewards are biggest.

I will never do it for money will also never accept biometric passport, I would rather go to mountain to meditate for the rest of my life and be in poor, than be jailed.

close enough for jazz

Yeah. I am thinking of making it exclusively based upon brainwave frequencies. I feel strongly that ALL (yes, ALL) of humanity’s problems arise from the uncontrolled mind/thought process.

The problems of the world will be fixed by going inward, not outward.

Know anyone who could control their thoughts? I just let the ones I don’t like be, and only honor the good ones

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Ramana Maharshi.

So he was able to avoid having lustful, murderous or suicidal thoughts somehow? How?

By making the practice of delving deeply into the space between thoughts his FIRST priority.

I feel that “energy work/manipulation” is not beneficial to Self Realization. Manufacturing states is not Spiritual practice.

Well, to me “self realization” was doing what I wanted, when I wanted, wherever I wanted and with whomever I wanted. Once I ‘self-realized’, I found out that what I thought was “me” was a giant lie. In that particular authentic realization of my own inauthenticities, a space was created where God showed up and did some … let’s just call it, regenerative work on me over a span of time. The problem as I see it with emptying the mind is it never gets empty… unless you’re dead.

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There are various ways, both diminishing and boosting ego (until it bursts :smile:). Emptiness is real but seeking it can be counterproductive.

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Complete mastery of the mind is incredibly rare. When one’s preference is for happiness rather than entertainment, the status quo (the go-to state) is sitting in/as stillness.

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