Minting CIP-0027 royalty token without a name

Good evening!

When minting a CIP-0027 royalty token, the pull request I read stated to omit the token name. Is this true in the metadata and on the commandline (in both places)? I can not find an example anywhere what the cmd should look like. Do I omit the $tokenname from --tx-out and --mint but leave everything else the same as I would when minting a normal NFT?

What is the best way to test that the royalty token is working on testnet?

{ “777”: { “rate”: “0.2”, “addr”: “addr1v9nevxg9wunfck0gt7hpxuy0elnqygglme3u6l3nn5q5gnq5dc9un” } }

> cardano-cli transaction build \

--alonzo-era \

--testnet-magic 1097911063 \

--witness-override 2 \

--tx-in $txhash#$txix \

--tx-out $first_nft_owner_address+$fee+"$tokenamount $policyid" \

--change-address "$(cat payment.addr)" \

--mint="$tokenamount $policyid" \

--mint-script-file $script --metadata-json-file royalty.json \

--out-file matx.raw

It would appear that the above syntax worked correctly.

Works fine.