Missin ADA after restoring the wallet

The person mentioned above was able to delete and restore wallet on original machine as well, fixing all issues.


Warning: Before ‘nuking’ or deleting and restoring, make sure to take a screenshot so we can verify that you do indeed have a wallet with a balance but showing zero. (Screen shot needs to have addresses from the receive tab with the wallet balance.) In addition, you should send logs to us before deleting. Otherwise, we could never know if you mistakenly sent Ada to an address outside your wallet.

So far, we only have a few reports of the issue. Only one verified. It appears restoring works, so the assumption by the developers right now is that if you have a zero balance after a restore, you had a zero balance before as well. Proving that some restores are not finding the balance would escalate this issue.



@io_jeremy Can you please include the statement about screenshot and sending logs before deleting or restoring in Daedalus FAQ.


Hi Jeremy, I have the same issue and internet searching shows the same issue for many users. I did restore my wallet after installing new wallet but balance showing 0. Many different attempts which took many days, did not fixed a problem. I did sent email to Deadelus support and they said we are working on it but 1 month passed and still no news. Can You please escalate this issue - problem exist and me and rest of the Cardano investors getting nerves and feeling that Cardano team approaching to problem very unprofessionally.

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The developers will look into making a script to check these wallets next week.


Hi Jeremy,

I’ve got the same issue. Somehow, Daedalus wallet instability has appeared. Mine is here: Why have all my ADAs gone from Daedalus wallet?.

This is not true maaan!!! We talked in that chat!! Someone had access to your keys! You blame daedalus cos you can send ada with it? It’s a shame you lost your ada, but this will not bring it back - its 100% your fault - someone had access to either the keys or the PC you have the wallet installed.
Good luck and be careful next time

Hello Jeremy,
I have this issue, two transaction to a generated address are not arriving in the wallet, and the address shows as unused.
I have contacted support about this Issue on January 18th and have since then not received a solution and now no reply for 2 and 1/2 month!
I have send logs, screenshots, transaction IDs, links to the transaction on cardanoexplorer.
Support request 7052.

Could you post the tx id here?

yes, would that help?

we could see what happened and maybe figure it out…

all right,
the transaction from January 18th:
and April 2nd:

I you look under Summary, the amount from my address is not included in the “Total Output” sum!
edit: it is included in the second transaction, not in the first one. either way, both of these transactions are not showing up in Daedalus wallet.

Did you update to the latest version of the wallet? I would try to delete the DB 1.0 and sync from 0 and see what happens… Tx look “ok” if you could check that it’s the same address as the one from your wallet - it should be OK imho

yes I tried that already two times, I am on the latest wallet.
the address is the same, but it is shown as unused in the wallet.
sooo, what to do with no reply from support?

You updated the wallet, and already synced from 0 - 2 times?

i am not sure i understand this…

I deleted the db folder two times since this issue occurred in January, I am on the latest wallet that released today (or yesterday?)

in the wallet there is an option to “hide used” addresses, pressing it will not hide this address.

Delete the DB now after the update and sync from 0

Works for me…:smiley:

yeah I can try that. what do you think about the first transaction, the fact that my amount is not in the total output sum?