Missing Some Wallets due to Upgrading Daedalus 0.1 (Cardano 1.2)

I had 25 wallets in Daedalus. When I have upgraded to Daedalus 0.1 (Cardano 1.2), I found out that my 15 wallets did not appear on the screen. I try to recover the missing wallets by using 12-word recovery phrases but I can’t do it because it is stated that my missing wallets already exist. What should I do ? Thanks

Hot damn! 25 wallet. That’s finance management :slight_smile: Do you have secret keys available from each one of them?

That is risk management. I have recovery phrase for each wallets. To distribute small amount of ADA to each wallet. If one or two wallets get hacked, I can still laugh, thinking of the hacker will be really pissed off…Lol

Why don’t you just you an encrypted VM to hold all that Ada?

Use a fresh OS and see what happens.

Smart :slight_smile:

Unfortunately you most probably will have to remove all wallet data and restore all wallets from seeds.

  1. Close Daedalus
  2. Delete directory %appdata%\Daedalus on win or ~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus on mac
  3. Open Daedalus again, sync, and restore wallets

@Alex_Halim, as it turned out - there’s a bug in the Daedalus itself that makes only 10 wallets visible: https://github.com/input-output-hk/daedalus/pull/958

Should be fixed in next versions. Kudos to @SebastienGllmt, for finding it.